If you are taking your vehicle abroad or in Europe you will need to adjust your headlights as you will be driving on the right-hand side of the road. If you don’t adjust or convert your headlamps you could get fined.

Car headlights in the UK deflect slightly to the left when dipped; this is so that you don’t dazzle on-coming drivers. If you don’t convert your headlights whilst driving abroad then your lights will shine straight onto oncoming traffic.

The best way to convert your headlights is to purchase a conversion kit. The conversion kit blocks out the part of the beam which can dazzle oncoming drivers. European conversion kits contain two self-adhesive masks which you attach to the front of your car headlights. The majority of car lights have a sloping baseline; use this to align the two masks. If you have twin headlamps then you only need to mask the outer pair.

If you have Xenon bulbs, standard converters won’t work. You will have to manually adjust your lights; some Xenon headlamps contain an internal shutter which can be moved into place. Other designs will require you to visit a dealer who can make the adjustment for you.

It is also worth checking your cars manual, some cars which have HID bulbs as standard allow you to switch the beams to a left-hand drive setting.

European Travel Accessories

Below are a range of available low cost “beam benders” to convert your headlamps for driving on the right hand side of the road

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