Winner of the Auto Express Bulb Test 2005, the Philips Vision Plus Xenon bulbs provides performance at a reasonable price. The Vision Plus bulbs deliver 50% more light than standard halogen bulbs.

The Vision Plus Xenon bulbs also produce a 20 meter longer beam compared to other bulbs, this increase improves car safety; allowing you to anticipate potential obstacles and decipher road signs earlier than if you were using standard car lights.

If you combine the extra 50% light visibility with the increased 20 meter beam – travelling at a speed of 50mph – you would add an extra second onto your reaction times. This may not sound like much, but could be the difference between a minor accident and a fatality.

Philips Vision Plus Xenon bulbs also make long distance journeys safer by improving concentration and reducing driving fatigue related to driving at night with poor visibility.

The Philips Vision Plus Xenon bulb is durable, although life expectancy is slightly reduced compared to its halogen bulb counterpart. The lamps are safe to use with plastic lenses due it being built with UV resistant cut quarts and is fully interchangeable with your existing car bulbs.

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