The Philips Diamond Vision halogen bulb is stylish and distinctive but lacks performance compared to other high-end car light bulbs. The Diamond Vision emulates a Xenon HID bulb providing the distinctive blue glow. Typical halogen bulbs burn at around 300k which produces a yellow/orange tint to the light. Philips Diamond Vision bulbs burn at whopping 500k, giving the appearance of HID Xenon bulbs.

The Philips Diamond Vision car bulb appearance is a closer fit to HID Xenon bulbs than most aftermarket conversion kits and doesn’t look like you have put in a blue coloured halogen light bulb like some brands seem to offer.
Diamon Vision bulbs are available in H7, H4 and H1 fittings; there is no need to mess about with re-wiring as they are simply a replacement bulb. It’s just a case of taking out your old car bulb and replacing with the Diamond Vision bulbs.

The car bulbs by Philips have the same consumption rate as standard halogen bulbs and are constructed of quartz glass which means there safe to use with plastic lenses.

Unfortunately, Diamond Vision bulbs are not legal for road use in Europe and the UK due to the excessive blue tint of the bulbs. They would best suit someone who wants their car too look its very best at off-road car events or if they are driving on private land.

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