Winner of numerous automotive awards including the prestigious Auto Express Autobulb Test and Best Buy Award! The Osram Silverstar bulbs has been designed to meet modern day driving conditions, providing superior clarity on the road; the Osram Silverstar really is one of the best car bulbs on the market.

Osram have installed patent technology that makes the Silverstar bulb 50% brighter than standard halogen bulbs. The Silverstar bulb provides impressive clarity up to 75 meters, improving the safety of your drive. Obstacles, dangers and road signs can be seen sooner allowing you extra time to make driving decisions.

Osram Silverstar bulbs use Xenon gas which provides a brighter white light than halogen bulbs with the same standard wattage. The Silverstar bulbs have the same life expectancy as standard bulbs.

Osram are known for mixing performance with style and the Silverstar bulbs are no exception. The lamps are set in silver caps which blend perfectly with the background of the reflector. The Osram Silverstar’s are an ideal choice for modern clear headlamps.

If you are you are looking to upgrade from your standard halogen bulbs but don’t want to install a full HID Xenon system then Osram Silverstar bulbs are a top choice, they are simple to install and don’t require any specialist tools.

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