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HID conversion Kits allow you to upgrade your standard car lights with HID Xenon light bulbs regardless of what car you drive. HID conversion kits include all the correct equipment you need to install hid neon light bulbs in your car.

HID conversion kits generally include:

  • 2 x Ballasts – The ballasts are used to power up the xenon bulb and maintain the electrical arc created inside the bulb
  • 2 x Xenon Bulbs
  • Connector cables – The majority of HID conversion Kits allow you to simply plug-and-play. There is no need to cut wires or drill holes in your car.

Are HID Conversion Kits Legal in the UK?

The Department for Transport states that using HID conversion kits to convert Halogen headlights to HID Xenon is illegal in the UK. If you want to convert your car lights than you must buy completely new HID Xenon headlamps not just a converter kit.

The main reason for this is because the lens and reflector built around the original Halogen bulb works to exact tolerances. If you were to install a Xenon bulb into the pre-existing headlamp, the light beam would not be correctly calibrated, there would glare in some areas and not enough light in others.

If you want to install Xenon bulbs in your car then they must meet certain safety standards:

  1. The outer lens, reflector and car bulb must be approved to ECE 98 standards and ‘e-marked’.
  2. Once installed, it must have headlamp self-levelling and cleaning systems
  3. The headlamp must be well maintained, aligned and adjusted correctly.
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