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philips daylight running lights (LED DRL)From February 2011, for safety reasons, it will become compulsory for all new vehicles available in europe to be fitted with daylight running lights.  Philips have been pioneers in daylight running lights (DRL) and here is there best selling aftermarket LED DRL kit that will fit most cars.

You’ve probably seen these lights on most modern Audi’s, especially the Audi R8, as well as various Mercedes models.  As the name suggests these lights are intended to be ran at all times, even in the daylight.  The DRL’s provide extra visibility and safety to you and your car as well as adding a modern styling to the cars front end.

It is anticipated that the introduction of this European regulation will reduce European wide fatalities by between 1500 and 2000.

The kit has been design by Philips to be fitted by the average motoring enthusiast and instructions are included.  Check out the video on this page to see the kit being fitted to an Alfa Romeo 159 saloon.

This kit complies with the European Regulations making it fully road legal for use throughout Europe.

• The easy electrical connection means there is no risk for the user or vehicle and the automatic on/off switch means it’s simple to use.

How do I know if it will fit my car?

Click to enlarge

Please consult the information below which will help you make a judgement as to whether this kit can be installed on your vehicle. In order to ensure road legality there needs to be a minimum of 600mm between the two LED units and each unit needs to be no more than 400mm from the left/right of the front of the vehicle.


The dimensions of each LED unit are:

  • Length: 18cm
  • Height: 2cm
  • Depth: 5cm

Buy these Philips LED Driving Lights for £109.99

The Osram Night Breaker Plus car light bulbs give an an additional 35 metres of headlight illumination when compared to standard car light bulbs. During the winter months when light levels are particularly low this enhanced light will provide a safer driving environment.

Below is an illustration of how standard car bulbs compare to the Osram Nightbreaker plus:
Osram Night Breaker Cer Light Bulbs Compared

The Nightbreaker + is available in the following fitments:

  • H1
  • H3
  • H4
  • H7
  • H11

The intention is for you to upgrade your standard car light bulbs with these straight forward, completely road legal, upgraded replacement units.

Please use the Osram Night Breaker Plus Search tool to find the appropriate light bulbs for your car or van.

Winner of the Auto Express Bulb Test 2005, the Philips Vision Plus Xenon bulbs provides performance at a reasonable price. The Vision Plus bulbs deliver 50% more light than standard halogen bulbs.

The Vision Plus Xenon bulbs also produce a 20 meter longer beam compared to other bulbs, this increase improves car safety; allowing you to anticipate potential obstacles and decipher road signs earlier than if you were using standard car lights.

If you combine the extra 50% light visibility with the increased 20 meter beam – travelling at a speed of 50mph – you would add an extra second onto your reaction times. This may not sound like much, but could be the difference between a minor accident and a fatality.

Philips Vision Plus Xenon bulbs also make long distance journeys safer by improving concentration and reducing driving fatigue related to driving at night with poor visibility.

The Philips Vision Plus Xenon bulb is durable, although life expectancy is slightly reduced compared to its halogen bulb counterpart. The lamps are safe to use with plastic lenses due it being built with UV resistant cut quarts and is fully interchangeable with your existing car bulbs.

The Philips Diamond Vision halogen bulb is stylish and distinctive but lacks performance compared to other high-end car light bulbs. The Diamond Vision emulates a Xenon HID bulb providing the distinctive blue glow. Typical halogen bulbs burn at around 300k which produces a yellow/orange tint to the light. Philips Diamond Vision bulbs burn at whopping 500k, giving the appearance of HID Xenon bulbs.

The Philips Diamond Vision car bulb appearance is a closer fit to HID Xenon bulbs than most aftermarket conversion kits and doesn’t look like you have put in a blue coloured halogen light bulb like some brands seem to offer.
Diamon Vision bulbs are available in H7, H4 and H1 fittings; there is no need to mess about with re-wiring as they are simply a replacement bulb. It’s just a case of taking out your old car bulb and replacing with the Diamond Vision bulbs.

The car bulbs by Philips have the same consumption rate as standard halogen bulbs and are constructed of quartz glass which means there safe to use with plastic lenses.

Unfortunately, Diamond Vision bulbs are not legal for road use in Europe and the UK due to the excessive blue tint of the bulbs. They would best suit someone who wants their car too look its very best at off-road car events or if they are driving on private land.

Winner of numerous automotive awards including the prestigious Auto Express Autobulb Test and Best Buy Award! The Osram Silverstar bulbs has been designed to meet modern day driving conditions, providing superior clarity on the road; the Osram Silverstar really is one of the best car bulbs on the market.

Osram have installed patent technology that makes the Silverstar bulb 50% brighter than standard halogen bulbs. The Silverstar bulb provides impressive clarity up to 75 meters, improving the safety of your drive. Obstacles, dangers and road signs can be seen sooner allowing you extra time to make driving decisions.

Osram Silverstar bulbs use Xenon gas which provides a brighter white light than halogen bulbs with the same standard wattage. The Silverstar bulbs have the same life expectancy as standard bulbs.

Osram are known for mixing performance with style and the Silverstar bulbs are no exception. The lamps are set in silver caps which blend perfectly with the background of the reflector. The Osram Silverstar’s are an ideal choice for modern clear headlamps.

If you are you are looking to upgrade from your standard halogen bulbs but don’t want to install a full HID Xenon system then Osram Silverstar bulbs are a top choice, they are simple to install and don’t require any specialist tools.

Orsam Night Breaker Bulbs are the latest offering from the German powerhouse. Night Breaker bulbs incorporate the latest performance technology to bring you up to 90% more light than standard halogen bulbs.

The Osram Night breaker is the high performance bulb of choice for drivers who want to increase visibility and improve safety. The new Night Breaker bulb from Osram is the brightest approved halogen bulb on the market, producing an impressive 90% increase in light output compared to normal halogen bulbs. The Night Breaker has almost twice as much luminance, particular within the safety-zone (40-75 meters ahead of the car).Osram Night Breaker bulbs also produce 10% whiter light which has been found to relieve eye strain and make long distance journeys more comfortable.

The Night Breaker bulb incorporates the latest technology, using a blue ring coating and high output coil to focus the light where you need it. Osram NightBreaker bulbs ingenuity allows for a longer light cone than other halogen bulbs, illuminating obstacles further afield.

If you travel long distances or do a lot of night time driving than Night Breaker bulbs are a great choice. Nearly half of all fatal traffic accidents occur at night, with inadequate lighting being a common cause. The Night Breaker bulbs provide better road illumination with an astonishing extra 35m long beam compared to standard halogens. This will improve the view ahead and improve reaction times.

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